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Your Simple Selfcare - Winter Focus

Your Simple Selfcare - Winter Focus

When we think about the Autumn and Winter months we think about jackets and scarves, long boots and warm hats. We think about cosy evenings by the fire or heatpump. And delicious casseroles and nourishing vegetables soups. And for some it’s getting into bed at night that’s been warmed by an electric blanket. You could say all of these things are about protecting ourselves from getting sick from the drop in temperature.

But do you think about protecting your skin?

You should!

When we go from our warm homes out into the freezing cold wind it can cause dryness and burst capillaries. Our cheeks are rosy from the warmth and blood is flowing through our tiny capillaries and when that cold harsh weather hits they snap!

Think about how much that extra heating is drawing our natural oils from our skin. We also tend to have our showers or baths a little bit warmer too.

So we need to strengthen, repair and nourish our skin to protect against the damage that could be done in the next few months.

We do this by using ingredients like Essential Fatty Acids and Hyaluronic Acid.



Our body naturally produces hyaluronic acid but as we get older and depending on lifestyle it depletes very quickly. Hyaluronic acid is like a water reservoir,  it attracts and retains moisture. In fact it can hold 1000 times it’s own weight in water, pretty cool isnt it? So you can see why this is an important ingredient that we like to use. It hydrates the skin but can retain that moisture for up to 24hours if you’re using some of our products such as Comfort Zone Hydramemory or Mukti Hyaluronic Serum.



Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are not only important for nourishing any skin type but the anti-inflammatory properties also help soothe and calm conditions such as eczema , psoriasis and dermatitis. Unfortunately our bodies do not produce this naturally so this can be used as an oral supplement  or applied topically. During Winter, our skin can look a bit dull and our nails can become brittle, so it’s a great idea to add some EFA's to your diet like salmon and avocados. 

One of my all time favourite products that I use at night is Mukti Antioxidant Oil with Omegas 3,5,6. It absorbs well into the skin, which in turn actually helps with the absorption of your other products.

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