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Ruby Rose Beauty Therapy facials are bespoke and personalised to your individual needs.

By consulting on your lifestyle factors and current skincare regime, a facial at Ruby Rose is specifically designed to rejuvenate, repair and restore your skin.


Classic (60 minutes)
- 95

Deluxe (75 minutes)
- 120



Renewing, strengthening  and soothing treatment, fragrance-free, recommended for skins which are sensitive, fragile a d prone to redness. Soothes and restores the protective skin barrier through a delicate dermal-affinity action.


A deep hydrating, antioxidant treatment for the face, neck and décolleté. Leaves the skin hydrated and silky. Restores compactness, nourishment and luminosity. Contrasts hydration and premature ageing. 



A nourishing, multi-vitamin antioxidant treatment for face, neck and décolleté for a repairing and protective action.



A deep cleansing treatment that gives an immediate luminous,  smooth and even appearance. Characterized by an innovative mattifying sell-off spirulina algae mask. Intense and delicate at the same time, it purifies and balances the skin, leaving it fresh and toned.



A treatment which resurfaces, redensifying and lifting. Combined with the exclusive lifting, plumping Kobido techniques, it stimulates cellular regeneration,  bestows fullness and redefines the volume of the face. The efficacy and specific actions obtained  are thanks to the double peeling combined with Vitamin C and well-off mask.


These controlled skin resurfacing treatments actively promote an acceleration form of cell regeneration whilst trauma and superficial irritation are reduced. This action is achieved through the mechanism of a unique bio-availability delivery complex (PH-DVC tm) that insures maximum controlled delivery of actives without negative side effects normally seen with conventional peelings.

30 minute treatment
- 65
60 minute treatment
- 95
90 minute treatment
- 130


60 minute treatment
- 75

You are welcomed into this treatment with our signature foot and welcoming ritual, followed by a facial tailored to you, designed to take your skin on a journey of total renewal. Tailored to your unique skin type and condition, your skin will feel restored and refreshed.

Our Signature Massage will hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, stimulating circulation and the lymphatic system; perfect for those suffering from acne or dry skin.


90 minute treatment
- 110

This facial is a multi-tasking must have for all skin types. It will promote a firmer, plumper appearance  and restore calmness and clarity. Promote cell production and a glowing complexion with Vitamin A, increase hydration and balance with Vitamin B and encourage collagen synthesis  and lightening and brightening with Vitamin C. This facial is designed to awaken your complexion. 


90 minute treatment
- 110

An age-defying facial treatment for all skin types-achieve flawless skin minus the chemicals.

This facial is designed to assist in targeting the visible signs of ageing, gifting you with a restored and youthful complexion. Specific age-defying peptides infused into a 100% certified organic base are combined with botanical and natives extracts-all designed to inhibit free radical formation, protect from environmental pollutants, enhance collagen and elastin production, reduce inflammation, detoxify the skin and slow down the visible signs of ageing.


90 minute treatment
- 110

A high potency facial which draws upon powerful bioactive native Australian extracts and the revitalizing, detoxifying and calming effects of pure Australian clay.

A deeply cleansing, vitality restoring treatment to improve the skins natural radiance. A masque is specifically created, using a synergistic blend of carefully chosen bioactive extracts, matched with the finest of Australian Clay’s to deeply renew, refine and regenerate the skin.


Derma Planing is a treatment promoting a physical exfoliation utilizing a specialized instrument designed to remove accumulated dead skin cells and vellus hair in a controlled manner. The procedure is non-invasive and non-chemical, combining Derma planing with other services, can further enhance these treatments efficiency with accumulative results. Derma planing is extremely safe when performed by a professionally trained skin care specialist utilizing the appropriate tools for the service.

Our treatment also includes an enzyme gommage (mask) after the Derma planing to remove the remaining dead skin cells that were loosened during the treatment. Leaving the skin feeling amazing! (45 minutes)

- 65