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Skincare & Going Green - What You Need to Know

Skincare & Going Green - What You Need to Know

Cutting out toxic ingredients in our personal care products is a great hide-out.

Where do you start??

Ingredient lists are confusing! It’s a plant based cleanser but what are all these ingredients that sound like chemicals? It says its certified organic but what do all the labels mean?

Chemical free but the list said it has acids!?

So confusing isn't it? So it really pays to do your research. And even that can be hard! They use some confusing words there too. 

One of the best books I have read in years is Truth in Beauty. It’s written by the creator and founder of Mukti Organics skincare and it’s so easy to understand the clean green world of cosmetics.

Mukti has spent a lot of time researching all the topics in this and has all her references listed in the back. It covers things like understanding ingredient lists and how the ingredients are positioned on the labels, preservatives, checklists of toxins, ingredients that cause hormone disruption, alcohol and vitamins role in skincare, A-Z blacklist of ingredients to avoid (and why, and also gives better alternatives), essential oils and the list goes on! 

One of my favourite topics is face mapping. Did you know you can see where there is problems in your body by where breakout affect your face? For instance if you seem to have breakouts a lot on your left cheek it my pay to look at any liver or stomach issues, lower cheek could mean dental issues. I find it fascinating!

If you are serious about making the switch to non toxic living I highly recommend you read this book first.