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Transformative Skincare: Kendra's Journey to Clear, Radiant Skin

Transformative Skincare: Kendra's Journey to Clear, Radiant Skin

In the battle against persistent acne, Kendra found hope and transformation in at Ruby Rose. Her journey, marked by determination and the right skincare regimen, led to stunning results.

The Challenge: Acne and Overwhelm

Kendra's struggle with acne was real, especially around her jawline. Overwhelmed by a multitude of products, she sought our help to find a solution.

A Personalised Approach: pHformula's Acne Kit

We streamlined Kendra's routine, focusing on pHformula's Acne kit. This targeted system, featuring EXFO cleanser, AC Recovery, Active Formula, Post Recovery Cream, and sunscreen, provided the foundation for her healing journey.

Holistic Healing: Lifestyle and In-Salon Treatments

Understanding the deeper factors, we discussed lifestyle changes and tailored in-salon treatments. Two weeks into using the pHformula kit, Kendra noticed improvements, spurring her confidence.

Visible Progress: A Testament to Dedication

Regular Acne facials, spaced six weeks apart, coupled with Kendra's dedication, showcased visible progress. The remaining scars will soon be addressed through microneedling.

Your Journey Begins Here

Inspired by Kendra's success? You too can unlock clear, radiant skin. Our personalised approach and pHformula's transformative products await.

Contact us today and start your journey to healthier, happier skin.